Nicolás Wainstein

Nicolás is a Ph.D. student (co-advised by Shahar Kvatinsky and Eilam Yalon) working on radiofrequency (RF) circuits using high-performance RF switches based on resistive memories, such as phage-change memory (PCM), resistive RAM (ReRAM) and conductive-bridge RAM (CBRAM). His current work includes device fabrication and modeling, as well as circuit design of reconfigurable RF front-end circuits. The non-volatility, small footprint, and low-energy switching, combined with high RF performance make these devices excellent candidates for reconfigurable RF devices. He is also interested in VLSI, RF CMOS, and mixed-signals. Nicolás is a TA in the EE faculty, teaching Introduction to VLSI (046237), Advanced Architectures and Circuits based on Memristors (046265) and VLSI lab (094).